To Gay or not to Gay !!

There has been a lot of debate about the recent change in sexual preferences which is males, preferring males and females preferring females.

Understanding gay mind setup

Understanding gay mind setup from many angles and layers. As this is not as simple as it seems.

If you only look at it from the social angle and the so-called natural angle, it only makes sense for a lot of people to think that the male-to-male preference and female-to-female preference are completely out of context and unnatural. This is a black-and-white view and cannot include all the aspects which are currently going on. From an evolutionary perspective, this makes perfect sense because the whole point of nature and growth and evolution suggests that we must copulate and pass on our genes to the next generation so that they can pass it on further and be a part of the cycle. This is completely acceptable.

Now let’s take a look from a neurodevelopment and childhood perspective. So there are a lot of instances and research suggestive of brain changes which are seen both in structural and neurochemical architecture, which predisposes someone to choose the same sex as a partner.

From a cognitive and hedonistic angle, it is understandable that during your early childhood experiences and preferences which or a mix of sociocultural and developmental perspectives, People may have individual preferences towards their sexual partners of the same sex.

Combine this with positive sexual experiences with same-sex partners, which further reinforce the brain’s reward pathway and create dopamine surges when they engage in such activities which gets into a self-feeding cycle.

So after understanding gay mind setup, which is correct? Evolutionary? Neurodevelopmental? Socio-cultural? Reward pathway of the brain?

If we include all the above perspectives we may find the right answer instead of choosing only one!

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Dr Shivadev M

MBBS, MD (Psych), FECSM (Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine)
Psychiatrist / Sex-Med Specialist
PassionFruit: Top-notch Sexpertise


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