Unconsummated Marriages

Unconsummated Marriages: Finding the Proper Treatment and Complete Recovery

Unconsummated marriages are not an uncommon problem. They occur when one or both partners are incapable of performing a sexual intercourse. This condition is mainly seen in male partners but can also occur in female partners. It generally results in an unsatisfied marriage wherein the couple fear the consequences of sexual intimacy. Moreover, such marriages are more likely to end in divorce or separation.

The primary fears faced by couples in an unconsummated marriage are the lack of fulfilment and emotional intimacy. It is difficult for couples to reach a level of emotional or physical satisfaction when they are unable to have a sexual intercourse. Inability to consummate the marriage can also lead to stress and anger in couples, leading to arguments and relationship issues.

Both therapies and medical treatments are available for treating unconsummated marriages. Certain medications can help treat male impotence and help the couple complete their marriage. On the other hand, certain couples may undergo various sex therapies in order to better understand each other and get rid of any issues that may be hindering their relationship.

If you are looking for complete recovery, the best bet is to consult a sexologist. This is especially true when the problem is serious and may need medication and careful monitoring by an expert. For Unconsummated marriages, Bangalore has one of the finest sexologists in the country. Dr Shivadev M & Dr Prashant Baspure are one of the most trusted sexologists in the city. With years of experience in helping couples overcome their unconsummated marriage issues, Dr Shivadev M & Dr Prashant Baspure ensure the best sexpertise treatment for their patients.

For those seeking top notch Sexpertise treatments for unconsummated marriages, PassionFruit is your go-to resource. PassionFruit serves as the perfect bridge between a couple and Dr Shivadev M & Dr Prashant Baspure, providing the support and guidance that one needs to achieve a complete recovery.

The importance of caring for an unconsummated marriage cannot be understated. Early intervention is crucial to salvaging the union and allowing both partners to achieve a fulfilling level of relationship and sexuality. Those seeking sexual expertise solutions in Bangalore can surely trust PassionFruit and Dr Shivadev M & Dr Prashant Baspure to provide the treatment and recovery needed to improve their mental and physical well-being.


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