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We employ world-class research, evidence, and protocol based approach to treatment spanning medication, couple therapy, marriage therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and more. This is further personalised by involving you in formulating a treatment plan that helps in resolving issues quickly. Having helped endless couples, single women, and men, it is no surprise that our patients refer PassionFruit as the best sexologists in Bangalore and beyond. But most importantly, they know us as Sexual Medicine experts, ones who are more than just sexologists.

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Best Sexologist in Bangalore

We understand, empathise, and know how it feels. We have been doing this for years to understand, relate to it and provide scientific and proven ways. We go to the root of the problem and weed it out. We work in tandem with the physical and the psychological aspect of each problem.

Top Sexologist in Bangalore

As trained professionals from the prestigious institute in the field of sexual medicine Sexual Treatment in Bangalore – The European Society of Sexual Medicine. This translates into a complete understanding, holistic care and deeper look and evaluation to all details and aspects of sex and relationship wellness. Ask passion fruit is the top rated and also have the best sexologist in Bangalore.

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