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Women's Sexual Wellness:

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Lack of Arousal:

This is a very common condition in women, where a woman fails to achieve any arousal or changes in the body such as warmth, erection of nipples, or lubrication in the vagina causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty. Also, the psychological state in this condition appears to be passive and disinterested attitude and as a consequence may lead to loss of enjoyment of sex and loss of desire and become uncooperative.  Despite repeated stimulation and foreplay, the body simply fails to respond. The causes are hormonal deficiencies and in some cases, complicated by a rigid mental attitude or mind blocks associated with a partner or the sexual activity itself. At Ask Passion Fruit, we have some best sexologist in Bangalore as they will come up with a solution after going through your previous history. reasons. Usually the reasons can be more than one. A careful evaluation and identification of the root cause is the key to successfully treating the condition. At Ask Passion Fruit our sexologist gives a close attention to your problems and treats your sexual dysfunctions i.e. erectile dysfunction well so that you can achieve your parenthood.

Many women are known to chase the Big “O”. Orgasms in women are sometimes seen as a complex goal and thus are chased like a mirage. The more this is chased, the less is achieved. A lot of women fail to achieve orgasms and this can be due to improper sexual techniques, failure to arouse oneself, excessive anxiety or trying hard to achieve an orgasm. Also in some cases, this is due to lack of arousal and thus can occur as more than one problem. A detail evaluation and lab assessment usually is helpful to arrive at the right diagnosis and many techniques and positions can be taught to achieve the desired Big “O”. Ask Passion Fruit is an one stop solution for all your sexual problems treatment.

Failure to Orgasm / An orgasm: Sexologist In Bangalore, Karnataka.

Painful intercourse:

Women during various occasions may complain of painful coitus and the reasons for the same range from lack of arousal to infection or inflammation of the vaginal lining  or relationship, psychological, or partner issues. This can lead to extreme dissatisfaction or even avoidance of sexual activity.

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Studies have shown that up to 20-30% women may have inability to allow the penis to penetrate the vagina and this is accompanied by a terrified look on the face, muscle rigidity and shortness of breath and extreme sense of fear. This is a common cause of sexless marriages and also can lead to erection difficulties in their partners and lead to problems and misunderstanding in the relationship. The cause is psychological and is easily treated with educating the woman about their bodies and anxiety control and other procedures. Though this seems very difficult, it can be cured completely without any surgical intervention. At Ask Passion fruit our doctors helps you to get the right therapy for sexual problems.

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