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When you have an intercourse it's an exchange of body fluids and with it an exchange of good things and bad. Precaution and protection is the best thing and when you have missed that then the next best thing is diagnosis and take caution.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs /STIs):

STDs /STIs refer commonly to all infections which is result of unprotected or failed protective intercourse. Gamut of infections is possible during unprotected sexual intercourse. And this can range from common bacterial infections such a Chlamydias is or Gonorrhoeic to more serious infections such as Syphilis.

Viral infections such as Herpes Simplex Type 1 and 2, HIV, HCV are also commonly contracted during unprotected intercourse

The one involved I this has a huge amount of psychological distress, worrying about future, consequences of contracting an infection, repeated obsessive thoughts about infection and checking this online and also misinterpretation or inability to get convinced despite repeated tests from various diagnostic centres.

With a proper systematic and empathetic approach to this situation, with appropriate tests and diagnostics and education this can be easily addressed and restore life back in people affected with this condition.

Post exposure prophylaxis:

It is also one of the best options available for any unintended sexual exposure, or in emergency protective intercourse gone wrong such as a condom break. PEP or Post exposure prophylaxis is known to reduce risks of contracting infections or HIV to an almost minimal risk situation and is greatly beneficial.

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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis:

Sometimes you cannot be too sure but also do not want to miss out on the fun and opportunity staring at you. In such situations, pre-exposure prophylaxis is the best choice to prevent you from any unwanted STDs/STIs. This may be suitable for people who are intending to engage in risky sexual behaviour or with multiple partners at the same time. This is commonly used by people visiting commercial sex workers where the chances to contract STDs/STIs are high and to ensure a safer way to enjoy intimacy.

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