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Magical & Inspirational lessons for people facing mental stress. Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Bangalore

Premarture Ejaculation Treatment in Bangalore

We use a multidimensional approach to solving your issues to draft a great management plan to help you understand your problems and also have a road map to recovery which our patients find to be a completely satisfying experience.

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Mens' Sexual Issues - Male Sexual Treatment in Bangalore

If it bothers you or stops you from being yourself, you need to seek answers and we are here to help. Get your sexual life sorted and feel better.

Women's Sexual Issues - Female Sexual Treatment in Bangalore

Whatever you want to know, or sort, or to enhance your sexual life. It's time to find remedies and enjoy life to the fullest, just make a call.

Couples Sexual Issues - Relationship Problems Treatment in Bangalore

If it bothers you or stops you from being yourself, you need to seek for answers and we are here to help. Get your sexual life sorted and feel better.

Homosexuality/Lesbians | Best Sexologist in Bangalore

Homosexuality / Lesbians / Gender issues What are the precautions that you need to take, how can you be comfortable with each other and face the society, how can you discuss and sort things between the partners and handle things. Meet the sexpertise and know.

Mind and Sexual Problems - Sex Therapist in Bangalore

The connection is direct. It is very important to keep it free from any guilt and address the scars from the past and come to terms with it. Our extensive experience in clinical psychology and human body helps us understand the nuances and how one affects the other and eventually complicate things. It's time to uncomplicate.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Sexual Disease Treatment in Bangalore

When you have an intercourse it's an exchange of body fluids and with it an exchange of good things and bad. Precaution and protection is the best thing and when you have missed that then the next best thing is diagnosis and take caution.

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we can help you to overcome the fears and obstacles in your life.

If you’re experiencing any kind of sexual illness or problem in relationships

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Male Sexual Treatments in Bangalore

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Female Sexual Treatments in Bangalore

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Couples Therapy Treatment in Bangalore

Feeling low? Sexologist in Bangalore

Relationship Problems Treatment in Bangalore


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From ED to Vaginismus, from STDs to relationship issues, ask and know.

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If this is your first time visiting a sexologist and are unsure and apprehensive, we assure you that this fear will vanish the minute you meet us. We understand this lot more than anybody out there. But be rest assured that all your concerns are handled very professionally and we ensure that all the matters discussed are 100% confidential and safe with us. Be relaxed, do not hide any information, trust the doctors and have an open minded attitude to make the most of your consultation.

Yes, you are always welcome to walk-in for a consultation, but we may not be able to guarantee the wait time, but we shall definitely try to see you at the earliest, and that depends on the appointments already fixed on that day. We encourage you to pre-book a slot for a hassle free and great experience. All it takes is one phone call or what’s app message. Female Sexual Treatment in Bangalore details are on the contact us page. You may also submit the same through our appointment booking page or our calendar found in this website. And in case, if you would still give this a slip and prefer to walk-in, do check on the visiting hours and holidays.

Yes we have all the ancillary services in the Centre for the convenience of our clients. We have pharmacy, lab and diagnostic services and also procedure rooms.

A consultation usually lasts about 30 minutes and in some cases where there is a need for more interaction, Masturbation Problem Treatment in Bangalore understanding and analysis  for up to 40 minutes. Clients may have to at times, come for a follow up session when the history is detailed and more time is needed.