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There is huge stigma attached to sexual health disorders. Both men and suffer sexual dysfunction and feel shame, guilt, and ignore their problems due to the stigma attached to it.

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The more the ignorance the more they become chronic and the conditioning is deeper into their minds. Instead of visiting professionals they visit quacks and try all kinds of harmful remedies. However if there was adequate sex education in our country a lot many individuals and relationships would be more healthy. Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Bangalore Being Sexual Medicine specialist I would like to urge one and all that it’s never too late to reach out and get yourself treated at the right certified doctor. Physical, mental and sexual health are the core elements of life and missing out on one when it is very much treatable is really very sad. It is very important to be open with your treating professionals. Find the courage to introduce your problems and be honest about what you are experiencing.

Treatment can help the patients. A number of options available in the treatment right from medications to sex therapy. Both men and women may need to undergo investigations before decide the treatment plan. Many people think that only men suffer with sexual dysfunctions. However this is not the case, many females suffer with female sexual dysfunctions and which lead to sexual dysfunctions in men. Hence it is important for females also to seek treatment.

We need to understand that we need to overcome treatment anxiety. Both men and women under the age 40 can experience sexual dysfunctions but the causes tend to be more psychological than physical. Motivation to seek treatment is important factor when it comes to improving sexual wellness. Top Sexologist in Bangalore Many patients they believe that there is no treatment available for sexual dysfunctions or even if available it is temporary and all the medications have side effects, but this is not true. Sexologist in Bangalore But once the root cause is known treatment plan can be decided. Doctor knows what he or she is prescribing hence patients need to get worried about side effects. So consult with professionals and get chance to get intimate with partner again and lead happy life.

Author :
Dr. A. V. Lohit, Sexologist in Bangalore.
BAMS, MD – Ayurveda Medicine, Postgraduate Diploma in Sexology.
Sexologist (Ayurveda)


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