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It takes two to tango and there's a lot that can make or break a relationship. The dynamics are important and shouldn't be ignored because one leads to another and it's best to sort things out, be it in the bed or out of it. Sexual Consultation is the answer.

Couple Sexual Treatment In Bangalore, Karnataka

Couple Sexual Wellness :

When the man and the woman in the relationship are both affected by any sexual dysfunction can result in sexless marriages, where the penetrative sex is avoided and the other forms on sexual intimacy alone is maintained or in some cases, complete avoidance of touch too. This leads to lot of emotional disturbances in the couples and may lead to frequent arguments, fights and extramarital affairs to seek out pleasure. Ask passion Fruit doctors who are the best sexologist in Bangalore help you to overcome this problem and help you to enjoy your sex life with your partner.

This also in some cases may lead to separation, divorce or annulment of marriage. However, though this seems complicated, with the help of the right sexual medicine specialist, Couple Sexual Treatment and continuous dedicated sessions where each one in the relationship is helped to overcome their sexual dysfunctions and mind blocks or false beliefs and evaluated for any hormonal or medical conditions like Couple Sexual related issues. With dedicated and systematic approach the results are very rewarding and can save marriages as Ask Passion Fruit is the best Sex Counseling Centers in Bangalore.

Sexual Disease Treatment In Bangalore


Inability to conceive or get pregnant despite repeated unprotected intercourse during the ovulation period. The factors in both men and women need to be evaluated. In some cases, despite the hormonal assessments being normal, they may fail to conceive. Couples also are known to get tensed during the ovulation period and this can lead to erectile dysfunctions or premature ejaculations in men and Vaginismus in women.

Couples Therapy Treatment in Bangalore

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The right contraception acceptable to both the partners can be satisfying approach to enjoy a guilt free and pleasurable sexual intimacy. Sometimes, it may for used solely for the purpose of prevention of Sexually transmitted diseases but in committed couples, this is used to avoid pregnancy as the couple may not be in a position to get pregnant.
Couples Therapy Treatment in Bangalore

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