lesbian Treatment in Bangalore
Homo Sexuality Treatment in Bangalore

Let’s talk about Sex! Sex is a basic physical need that every living being in the world looks for. Sexual health is part of every individual’s mental and emotional wellness. Though people don’t talk about it openly, every human being has a fantasy and the desire to have physical intimacy to have that need satisfied.

Homo Sexuality Treatment in Bangalore

Sexual wellness is as essential as the basic needs we look out for like food and water. The drive differs in each individual based on the fantasy, opportunity and the exposure to various sources of understanding about intercourse.

Apart from that, libido performs the major role in the drive. Libido is the hormone that induces the desire to have sex in both female and male. Libido is directly linked to the testosterone hormone and is present in both men and woman. Presence of libido is very important.

A man might be straight forward when expressing his need to have sex, but a woman might have it interlinked to many things like, when the dishes are done, after a romantic candle light dinner, or after quality time spent together. To have an increased desire and drive, emotional needs satisfaction also plays an important.

Though sex has been a regular thing since ages, best sexologist in bangalore why do people feel shy or hesitant to talk about issues in having complete satisfaction in it? Sexual wellness is very important to every individual and needs guidance when there is an issue.

Just like health practitioners, there are doctors, therapists and counselors from our very own Passion fruit clinic, who can guide to clear the issues regarding sex, desire and the drive. Sexologists and sexual wellness counselors are experts who can help to have better understanding about sex, issues related to it and treating any medical conditions if needed.

There may be issues if one does not feel the drive or desire to have sex. It can be biological, physical or mental, and it varies from person to person, and is different in each gender.

Men may face issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or sometimes, even excessive masturbation can cause problems in having good physical intimacy. Famous Sexologist in bangalore. Women also have issues like vaginismus, hormonal imbalance or less libido. These issues can be both physically and mentally related, which results in the dysfunction.

Lesbian Treatment in Bangalore

A sexless marriage can be frustrating, when the couple does not open-up about the issues they face. Sexologists are capable to counsel the couple and guide them to various methods which can improve their sex lives.

In India, sex is a taboo topic, which causes many people to be hesitant in approaching a sexologist or a sexual wellness practitioner. Health issues like erectile dysfunction, infertility, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, hormonal imbalances and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) are as important as general health wellness.

There is a treatment option available for every sexual problem faced by couples. The practitioners from Passion fruit clinic can guide you to have better sex by suggesting various methods like usage of sex toys to induce more drive and desire. Sometimes trying out different and best sex positions can do miracles. Top Rated Sexologists in Bangalore can prescribe medicines that help you improve and treat issues like ED, premature ejaculation and reduced hormones.

Making love can be very simple and satisfying. At the same time, it can also be stressful for many if they do not have proper knowledge on how to enjoy it. Watching porn can create fantasies and help to increase desire, but when it gets too much, it becomes addiction. Porn addiction make your mind forget reality and creates unachievable fantasies. This addiction causes less satisfaction when the exaggerated fantasies are not satisfied.

Sexologists and sexual wellness counselors with Passion fruit clinic can help you understand the basic need and different methods to understand sex. Sex education in the right age is very important for the younger generation. Right knowledge of sex can help one to avoid unnecessary hesitations or over expectations when it comes to physical intimacy. Sex can be overwhelming for some people and one can overcome the same by the help/guidance of experts in the field. Woman might be scared of getting pregnant and hence avoid sex totally. Sexologist near me in Bangalore. When the right contraceptive is used with the guidance of a doctor, a couple can be more comfortable and enjoy the sex they do. It also increases the drive and desire.

The issues related sexual health can be corrected or treated when it is openly discussed with as expert practitioner. One will be surprised on how miracles do happen when proper guidance is taken. There are many consultants, practitioners and sexologists available at Passion fruit clinic, Bangalore, to help you spice up your sex life.

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