Premature ejaculation is male sexual dysfunction characterized by

  • Ejaculation occurs prior to or within about one minute of vaginal penetration.
  • In severe cases ejaculation may occur before penetration.
  • Inability to delay ejaculation on all or nearly all vaginal penetration.
  • This leads to consequences such as distress, frustration avoidance of sexual activity.

In clinical practice, we meet men with issues that are unique to each one, few ejaculate very quickly, however they are not ready to accept that their ejaculation is premature. Some men though take long time but aren’t satisfied and feel that they are undergoing premature ejaculation. So correct understanding of the problem is very important and taking proper history through professional will help to diagnose the condition correctly.

Premature ejaculation is classified as ‘Lifelong’ it is also known as ‘Primary’ OR acquired which is known as ‘Secondary’. One has to understand that premature ejaculation is one of the most common male sexual dysfunction. Anywhere between 30 to 50 % men suffer from premature ejaculation. In Asian countries premature ejaculation is more common than erectile dysfunction for many reasons. Premature ejaculation may lead to secondary psychological issues like anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress, guilt, and relationship problems. Most often, a partner may lose interest in sexual activity and thus lead to complications. It is very important for you to communicate this problem to your partner. Your partner’s reassurance may help you to solve this problem. So don’t hesitate to discuss your problem with your partner. There are different misconceptions about premature ejaculation like real men can have sex for indefinite period of time and maintain their hard rock erection; men are ever ready to perform, etc. And often, most men compare their sex life with pornography, or fantasies and tend to suffer from low self -esteem.

Premature ejaculation could be due to physical issues (related to body) and psychogenic issues (related to mind). Many times it can be situational. Self-diagnosis or checking up for symptoms on Google is common but it creates more confusion and complications. It may need certain medical investigation. In many cases physical examination is warranted. Investigations and physical examination helps to find the underlying cause.

Treatment includes Non- pharmacological treatments and Pharmacological treatments. This has to be decided by treating physician. The penis is not the only way to satisfy your partner. Don’t focus only on penetration, it helps to learn techniques, seek treatment and understand expectations better and spice up your sex life.

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