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Center for Sexual Medicine is one of the leading center in Bangalore for all kinds of sexual problems. PassionFruit is lead by Dr. Shivadev M and  Dr. Prashant Baspure who is named as one of the Best Sex Specialist in Bangalore. PassionFruit became the first center for sexual problems who are providing Privacy Assurance and confidentiality. A toned body is for your eyes a toned health is for the ‘real sex’ Get your sexual health right with Dr. Shivadev M and Dr. Prashant Baspure.

“PassionFruit® Clinic is the centre of excellence for Sexual Wellness, we help couples to improve their intimacy through scientific and evidence based practices and approach and improve their quality of relationship and life in general. Ask us how today ! All this in a confidential, calm, tranquil and serene setting to discuss and treat problems associated with marriage, relationships and sex life. We understand and solve emotional problems and conflicts arising out of marriage, relationships and sex life. We are empathetic, non-judgmental and understand you completely. We as the name describes – are passionate about the care and we strive to provide a comprehensive and complete fruitful solution to the problems you may be suffering.”

Best Relationship & Sexual Wellness Clinic in Bangalore
International & European Society Certified Sexologist
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We helps you to get the healthy reproduction system. We offer the Best Treatment for various Sexual Problems. If you faced certain problems like chronic illness, depression etc.

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Our team of Sexual Medicine specialists and trained staff provide the best possible care and advanced treatment services to the patients.

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we can help you to overcome the fears and obstacles in your life.

If you’re experiencing any kind of sexual illness or problem in relationships


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Consult Internationally certified Sex Med Specialists who have changed lives with a holistic approach and helped people overcome sexual, psychological and relationship issues. It’s time to ask and find answers! Ask Passion Fruit have all your answers 

Female Sexual Treatments in Bangalore

Meet the specialists in sex medicine, sexual health & hygiene. A lot more than just Sexologists. Ones who help you feel comfortable, interact as a friend; understand your concern, fears, psychological influences, without interpreting, or judging. Guiding you with the right references, understanding biological, psychological issues – and eventually putting together extensive experience and a scientific approach to overcome issues and help live a fulfilling and stress-free life.

Male Sexual Treatments in Bangalore

PassionFruit® is a team of top-notch SexMed Specialists, a Relationship & Sexual Wellness Center driven by two acclaimed and established Sexologists with a collective experience of over three decades in sexual medicine and sexual health.

Couples Therapy Treatment in Bangalore

PassionFruit® is a center of sexual wellness. A warm and friendly place that has been making a considerable difference to individuals – young or old, single or couples – in a relationship or out of it. We help you find the right answers.